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”2XU garments are proven by independent, scientific research to deliver real physiological benefits to athletes of all abilities.”

Since launching in 2005, 2XU (Two Times You) have created world-leading compression garments to help athletes of all abilities to prepare, perform, recover and repeat. Backed by decades of research, 2XU have partnered with leading research teams to scientifically test their garments to ensure they can sustain the demands of sport.

But their mission doesn't stop there.


2XU are helping people reset their goals, refocus and make a change. They are showing everyone that change is possible, and a fitter, healthier life is doable. The rebels, the slow-coaches, the joggers, the paddlers, the spinners - anyone who has ever thought 'I can't do that'. 2XU is showing them they can.


Ola Hultgren

Brand Manager

Christine Wiik
Sales Norway

+47 479 17 393

Customer Support


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