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Diemme Footwear is an Italian high-end footwear brand and production company. The company is based on its manufacturing facilities in the area of Montebelluna, in the Veneto region of northern Italy. Founded by brothers Dennis and Maico Signor in 1992 the company has a rich tradition for producing high-quality footwear, mainly concentrated around the hiking and mountaineering categories.

Monica Miotto
Business Operations Manager

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Rut & Circle's collections include a wide range of clothing for every occasion, from the basic t-shirt and denim to a flirty party dress for a night out. Our carefully considered and planned collections are designed and created by the whole circle; Our designers, customers, and ambassadors. We make fashion more fun!

Madelaine Falck

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Dry Lake is all about the vibrant feeling when getting dressed up and ready for that special happening. It might be the party of the year, your best friend’s wedding, or a spontaneous dinner with your closest ones. We’re all about the highlighted moments in life and what to wear for them.

Madelaine Falck

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