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About us

MnO International

Distributing brands since 1997


For 25 years MnO International AB has been representing several strong brands in sports, outdoors and fashion towards the Scandinavian market. Our philosophy is to create and maintain long-term relationships with our partners, whether it is retailers, agents or suppliers/brands. We do this by clear communication, genuine dedication and always making sure to add that extra business value.


MnO started with two best friends, Mikael Engdahl and Ola Hultgren. They had an idea, a garage and true grit. Today MnO is the market leading distribution company in Scandinavia, and has an unmatched track record with a variety of brands and customers. With approximately 70 full-time employees based in Stockholm, and satellite offices in Copenhagen, Oslo and Helsinki, MnO offers a professional organization with a highly qualified, driven and devoted sales staff. To ensure the utmost service for each brand in each market, we have partnered with a large number of leading sales agencies across our regions. MnO is currently representing 14 brands within sports and outdoors.

MnO International AB
Ljusslingan 4
120 31 Stockholm
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